The most keypresses in one day: 93.641 by: Yxmaxy on 20. 08. 2019.
The most left clicks in one day: 21.643 by: trobentica on 20. 02. 2021.
The most right clicks in one day: 11.301 by: Yxmaxy on 28. 01. 2021.
The most middle clicks in one day: 295 by: Yxmaxy on 07. 05. 2019.
The longest distance traveled in one day: 3.072,12 m by: trobentica on 17. 04. 2021.
The most mouse scrolls in one day: 45.820 by: Yxmaxy on 11. 02. 2021.

Key presses Left clicks Right clicks Middle clicks Distance traveled Mouse scrolls
SUM of all data19.069.6238.357.421608.08228.6081.454,766 km12.322.026
AVG per day7.3863.23723611695,390 m5.950
Data tracked from27. 4. 201928. 4. 201928. 4. 201928. 4. 201916. 1. 202016. 1. 2020


The graphs are presenting data for the last 28 days.

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The graphs are presenting data for the last 28 days.

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