Slovenian speech synthesiser

Here is the first public Slovenian speech synthesiser made with open-source MaryTTS platform, my friend and a lot of thinking and coding for making it good. You can choose between two voices. Just enter your text and press “Read” to read input text in Slovenian.

Version: V1 V2 Recording format: WAV MP3

Before you press “Read”, you can select between two versions of the synthesiser:

  • V1 converts numbers to regular numbers (1, 2, 3 …), so counting numbers (1., 2., 3. …) can be read wrong.
  • V2 is currently the newest version of the synthesiser. Numbers are here read correctly. Also, dates are converted into a basic form.

If you have a bit more text to convert to speech, and you don’t have numbers in it, then select V1, because conversion will be quicker.

On Apple devices WAV format is usually not supported, so if you can select MP3 (it should be selected automatically). But if you can, select WAV because it is the native format for the synthesiser.

If the request is not completed, it may be that a synthesiser server is down. Press here to notify the administrator.

More about it you can read here. (Website is in Slovenian)