DNS (Domain Name System) is a server which has information about domains and IPs. So when you type website URL into the browser, the browser sends the request to DNS server. DNS server then searches its database for this domain and if the domain was found it returns IP and browser opens the website. If you want your own domain so that people could visit your website, you need to buy it.
But if you are just testing, or you want domains inside your local network, MiniDNS app is for you. You can easily add a new record into the database and when a request comes to the server, it will return IP you entered into the database.

MiniDNS window

So if you need to access a website on and you want to use a domain, you need to buy it or use a program like this to use it for free. But note, this domain will only work on a computer on which this program is installed.

But if you want to use this program in a local network, you need to add this program to the Windows Firewall. And also on all computers, you want to use this domain and IP you need to set DNS server to IP of the computer on which server will be running.

System requerments

  • .NET framework 4.5.2
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10


Setup.msi: here. here.

Current version: 3.2

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