The Kripti program is a handy program that encrypts your text or message with a password. You can send an encrypted text to a friend with a password, and he/she can only decrypt it with your password. It is written in the C#Visual Basic programming language with Visual Studio 2015 Community.

How do you use it?

In the first text box, you enter the text you want to encrypt. In the bottom of the app, there you can write password and then click encrypt. If you want to decrypt text, you need to paste the encrypted text in the second text box. Then you need to enter a password and then press decrypt.

It does not require administrator privilages, so you can run it on every computer.


Plain text: Thank you for using our application!

Password: geslo

Encrypted text: TPjfZ1qNURJevHOmhmsRhWosMgdvOPVYrbLe/4Iiw3QEzebw9o5R4DtCbyPfBLn3

Note: This version is not compatiable with older versions!

System requerments

  • .NET framework 4.5
  • All Windows OS that support .NET 4.5

Download here.

kripti.exe: here.

setup.msi: here.

Current version: 7.0