KeyTyper API

Here you will find some info about how to use API for KeyTyper. This API uses MySQL queries for returning data. Link to API:


Podatki (Data)

  • ID_podatek (ID)
  • ID_uporabnik (ID of user)
  • Datum (Date of submit)
  • Stevilo (Number of clicks on keyboard)
  • LevKlik (Left clicks)
  • DesniKlik (Right clicks)
  • SredinskiKlik (Middle clicks)
  • ID_racunalnik (ID of computer)
  • PrepotovanaRazdalija (Distance travelled)
  • PremikKolescka (Number of scrols)

Racunalniki (Computers)

  • ID_racunalnik (ID)
  • Ime (Name)
  • ID_uporabnik (ID of user)

Uporabniki (Users)

  • ID_uporabnik (ID)
  • Uporabnisko_ime (Username)
  • Drzava(Country)

How to use?

To use API you need to know something about MySQL language. You can use GET or POST method to return data. Rows are separated with “;” and columns with “|”. To use GET method you use “api.php?code=MYSQL-code”. All spaces must be replaced with “-”. To use POST method you do not use “-”, you can just use space. Set code parameter to MySQL query.


  • You can execute only one query at the time
  • Query needs to end with “;”
  • You can only use SELECT statement



And the website returns: 'username1'|; 'username2'|;


Error: 0

API did not get any data to process.

Error: 1

You used forbidden MySQL statements! You can only use SELECT.

Error: 2

You used a forbidden MySQL column! You can only use columns that are listed in section Tables.

Error: 3

Your MySQL statement needs to end with “;”.

Error: 4

You used more than one MySQL statement! You can only use one!

Error: 5

Your MySQL statement is not okay! MySQL returned an error.